What properties are needed in sodium hypochlorite products raw materials?
The properties required for the raw materials of sodium hypochlorite products depends on different functional requirements. Often, raw materials always bring fantastic results. It is important to understand the importance of raw material properties and how manufacturers can influence these factors while achieving reliability and quality. Raw materials should meet the needs of foreign technology.
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Especially in hydrogen water maker manufacture, EHM Group Limited is in the leading position in the domestic industry. The hydrogen water maker series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The quality control is highlighted during production, ensuring the stable quality of the product. Using plating titanium with platinum, the product is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance. The product, embracing high artistic connotation and aesthetic function, will definitely create a harmonious and beautiful living or working space. It can be used or consumed without limitations or restrictions.
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We lead our suppliers about the environment and to work for raising the consciousness of our workers, their families and our society on the environment.

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