What are main products for EHM to export?
EHM Group Limited has obtained the export license for cheap alkaline water ionizer . This product already sells well domestically and also has a good chance of selling well in international markets. It provides a certain appeal because of unique features that seem common here while might be considered a novelty in other countries. In order to market this product on the international market more successfully, we have realized flexibility. We will evaluate the target market and try to modify specifications to match the standards of that country or region, hence achieving some degree of adaptation and localization of this product.

Manufacturing alkaline water machine, EHM has built business relationships with many distinguished companies. The alkaline water machine is one of the main products of . The production of EHM hydrogen water ionizer adopts lasers process method. This method can help cut, mark or weld intricate details with accuracies to one micron. It can be used or consumed without limitations or restrictions. This product can realize many special architectural performance techniques, mainly in the form of styling, diffuse light transmission, and rich color. The product makes little noise when it functions.

We provide long period for maintenance for our water ionizers. Check it!
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