What about the plant size of EHM?
In the buy alkaline water ionizer business in China, the EHM Group Limited factory is highly competitive. Unique workshop has been established for the different manufacturing processes of the factory. In the future, we will continue to expand the production of the factory and will complete the construction of the entire supply chain in order to be competitive in the global market.

In order to set foot in wider market of hydrogen water maker, EHM has introduced technology from abroad and increase production lines. The hydrogen water maker is one of the main products of . This product provides better resistance against the threat of moisture damage. The more moisture it prevents from being absorbed through its surface, the better it protects itself from a deterioration of performance. It greatly improves water quality and makes the water taste better. Security can be provided with this product. Packing can make items tamper-resistant, can help reduce theft and can help prevent harm from dangerous products.

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