Is there instruction manual for best hydrogen water bottle ?
Yes, we ship hydrogen water bottle together with an instruction manual for customers. It is provided in Chinese, English, and other languages considering the delivery destinations. There will be ingredients, caution information, methods of maintenance, application range and company information included in the manual. Also, there will be vivid product photos provided as a reference. There will be a detailed installation procedure provided in the manual to help customers in operation. Also, the electronic version of the instruction manual can be also offered once customers have such demand.

More and more famous distributors choose EHM Group Limited because of its high quality and competitive price. The alkaline water machine is one of the main products of . EHM water ionizers has to go through the following basic steps: 3D model designing, 3D wax printing, casting the wax model into metal, and basic assembly. The product can instantly generate purified water by pressing the buttons gently. This product is waterproof. Its seam sealing and coating creates a waterproof barrier and extends the longevity of this product. It is easy to install with its components freely replaced.

EHM will strive to enhance its competitive advantage through continuous innovation on water ionizers. Get quote!
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