How many people in EHM QC team?
The QC team is an essential part of EHM Group Limited. Its members prove to contribute to our achievements in gaining a high pass rate of counter top ionized water machine . EHM, as a professional manufacturer in the industry, attaches much importance to the quality assurance measures. We ensure each member of the QC team has received comprehensive and in-depth training about the procedures. From incoming material sourcing to finished product inspections, there will be personnel arranged to complete the tasks. We believe in such manner the product quality will be significantly improved.

With high quality hydrogen water maker, EHM has gained more popularity in global market. The alkaline water machine is one of the main products of . The casting process of EHM portable hydrogen water maker involves the following steps: wax model and casting preparation, burnout, melting, casting, divesting, and laser review. It can be used or consumed without limitations or restrictions. It creates a brand identity. The innovative graphic design on it shows that the packaged goods are more than just any other goods. It greatly improves water quality and makes the water taste better.

our company will continue to grow under the concept of cost of alkaline water machine, while bringing benefits to all stakeholders. Ask!
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