How about production technology for cost of alkaline water machine in EHM?
EHM Group Limited makes sure that the production technology is in the lead in the alkaline water machine business, so as to provide you with quality products at reasonable price. Our input into the development of production technology accounts for a large proportion to the sales every year. The product based on the production technology has been certified.

There is a higher reputation for EHM with its alkaline water machine in global market. The water ionizers is one of the main products of . EHM hydrogen water ionizer has been tested for many times. It has been inspected in terms of medical materials characterization, biocompatibility, durability, and human factors. With a compact design, the product can save a lot of space. It has a suitable level of air permeability. Type of yarn, fabric structure, and fiber parameters all contribute to this property. The product can instantly generate purified water by pressing the buttons gently.

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