high pH value 8 plates water ionizer filter EHM-929

high pH value 8 plates water ionizer filter EHM-929

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 Product Specifications  

EHM Countertop Antioxidant Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer


Electrode plates:

8/platinum coated titanium

Plate size: (mm)

150mm x 90mm

Negative ORP: (mV)

-800/depends on water quality and flow rate

pH Range:

2.5 - 11.2


5 Water Types/Strong Alkaline Water, Alkaline Water, Neutral, Acidic Water, Strong Acidic Water

Wattage: (W)


Total weight: (kg)


Dimensions WHD: (mm)

264 x 338 x 171

continuous strong electrolyzing ability:30 mins

Ease of Use:

Fully automatic, very simple to operate



Warranty: (years)


General User pH Instruction Tables for Water Ionizers






     Foods Reference

Alkaline water



Foods Disinfection &Dishes Cleaning

pH 9.0~ pH 11.2-Alkaline 3 (strong  alkaline)

  • Soaking vegetables, beef, pork, and fresh fish to remove fishy, taste and revert foods natural favors,
  • Good for making soups, and help for maintaining their nutrients Kelps
  • Effectively reduce pesticides on fruits and vegetables
  • Good for cleaning tough oil stain on dishes


Daily Drinking

pH 8.5~10.0- Alkaline3

  • Suitable for daily drinking and improving your overall health.
  • Improve conditions for upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea and gout

     Soy Beans

Cooking & Drinking

pH 8.0~9.0- Alkaline 2

  • Good for cooking rice ,preserves its natural flavor longer
  • After initial period. this level is suitable for daily drinking
  • Good for making tea or coffee, reduce bitterness and give better taste

     Red Beans

Initial Drinking

pH 7.0~8.0- Alkaline 1

  • For people just beginning to drink Alkaline water
  • Balancing intern]al pH, Improve the assimilation of Calcium and other minerals


Purified water

Purified water

pH7.0- Purified water

  • No color, no taste, no impurity
  • Suitable for taking medicine, making milk and for baby`s diet





Acidic water

Facial & skin cleaning

pH5.0 pH6.5-Acidic 1

  • Not suitable for drinking
  • Close to the skin pH value, it has an astringent effect when face
  • Ideal for bathing sensitive skin and infants, sunburn relieve
  • Minimize the appearance of pores, and good for brushing teeth
  • Restores shine to hair and as a natural after shave


Sterilization and disinfection

pH 4.0--pH 5.5-Acidic 2 

  • Not suitable for drinking

  • Anti-bacterial for tableware and floor cleaning

  • Eliminates the residual agricultural chemicals on fruits and

    vegetables when soaking them in acidic water

     Egg yolk

  • The above pH levels may differ depending on tap water quality.

Ionizer Specifications

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