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This product is less subject to accumulate dust and bacterial, which offers users a clean and hygienic working surroundings. It is wear resistant and can withstand scratches and impacts
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Company Advantages
1. This type of body frame of is obtained after comparing a variety of designs. The product is manufactured to make the water meet drinking water quality standards
2. This product is less subject to accumulate dust and bacterial, which offers users a clean and hygienic working surroundings. It is wear resistant and can withstand scratches and impacts
3. The made has the features like . The product is convenient to clean and maintain
4. ,which could provide features, has prodigious superiority over other similar products. Using plating titanium with platinum, the product is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance
5. has the advantage of as compared with other similar products. The product is compliant with BV, CE and SGS standards


  • Model
  • Capacity
  • Unit N.W.
  • Size
    73mm(Diameter) x 280mm (Height)
  • Material
    Food-grade PC/ABS
  • Production Time
    10 minutes
  • Electrode material
    Non-diaphragm Titanium Platinum Ruthenium Iridium electrolytic pieces
  • Voltage
  • Effective Chlorine Concentration
  • Packing zise

Applicable scenarios

Furniture disinfection : High frequency contact area, such as door hand, porch, carpet, shoe cabinet, switch socket and etc.

Kitchen disinfection: it is used for soaking vegetables and fruits, cleaning refrigerators, knives, tableware, sinks, sewers, etc.

Bathroom disinfection: for cleaning toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks etc.  prevent to growth of viruses, bacteria or fungi

Baby toy disinfection: it can be used for disinfection and cleaning blocks , balls and other children’s toy.

Office disinfection, car disinfection

Wide range of applications: hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, beauty salon, pets ect.


Sterilizer maintenanc

1.       Use light water to flush the bottle and nozzle

2.       If there is more salt, dirt, limescale etc. on the bottom of the bottle. please rinse with a little vinegar.

3.       Wipe the bottle, bottom and nozzle in soft cloth and paper tissue

4.       If it is not use for a long time, please electrolyze for several minutes without adding water for storage( will power automatically after electrolyzation finishing)


Application suggestions for different Effective chlorine content concentration

This machine is used for producing the effective chlorine content in the water for disinfection, ranging from 10mg/L to 600mg/L.
In general, the requirement of chlorine concentration varies with different objects. View below table for details:

  • Disinfection Objects or Purposes

    Effective Chlorine Concentration

    Fruits, Vegetables, Skins, Swimming pool mats

    10~25 mg/L

    Eggs, Seafood, Child diapers, Masks, Household sprayer,   Pets shower detergents

    10~25 mg/L

    Kitchenware, Toys, Underwear, Underpants, Bed Sheet,   Sheet covers, Beddings in hotels and offices, Cars, Ships, Washing detergent,   Fridge cleaning agents, Surface treatment agents.

    25~50 mg/L

    Tableware, Tablecloths, Bathroom curtains, Milk   bottles, Cans, Towels and Bathrobes in the household and public pools, Rags,   Bathroom scrubbing agent, Cattery, Kennel and Silkworm appliance.

    50~100 mg/L

    Cold drink machine and Kitchen cleaning rags in   restaurants, Haircut utensils, Working clothes, Surgical masks, Spittoon,   Urinal, Ward beddings, Door handles, Patient Clothing, Warehouse and   Container for meat and seafood, Farms, Epidemic areas, Wound disinfection in   accidents, Wards for infectious disease, Mortuary disposal.

    200~300 mg/L

    Bacterial reproducing areas, General   bacterial-contaminated equipment.

    300~500 mg/L

Company Features
1. Since establishment, EHM Group Limited has specialized in the development, design, and production of . Today we are proud to say that we are one of the leaders in the industry.
2. EHM Group Limited holds a strong and professional technical team.
3. Our quality guideline is which helps promote our reputation. Contact!
The manufacture of EHM involves several stages. They mainly include the installations of cams, shafts, and bearing, the design of injection-molded plastic parts, fixtures, and gauges. Using high-quality aluminum-alloy materials, its body resists oxidation
The design of EHM conforms to specific heavy-duty usage requirements. It is designed with characteristics of enhanced mechanical structure, less energy consumption parts, and durable components. This product comes with full installation instructions
The mechanical components of EHM are precisely manufactured. Various kinds of CNC machines are used such as the cutting machine, drilling machine, milling machine, and punching machine. This product significantly provides safe and reliable door control
The manufacture of EHM is of professionalism. The multistage production process is adopted. Its design, production, assembly, and testing will be controlled by separate teams. This product comes with full installation instructions
EHM is manufactured with high-performance materials. Due to the applications where the product is used, only those materials with desirable combinations of mechanical characteristics are selected. This product can be opened or closed at constant speeds
The product is of high quality, recognized by many international quality inspection agencies. This product significantly provides safe and reliable door control
is packed with features and offers great performance. This product has been certified under CE 
All EHM products have undergone rigorous quality checks before reaching to customers. It comes in a variety of sprayed finishes to complement any opening’s decor
Third-party test data of the product reflects its eligibility. Its variants for door leaf widths offer high flexibility
The product is accredited in all aspects, such as long service life, stable performance, and so on. This product is suitable for single- and double-leaf doors
The product surpasses the similar products in terms of service life. This product comes with full installation instructions
The product finds a wide application in the market. Its timeless design makes it never go out of date
The product is applicable to various fields and has a huge market prospect. This product can be designed with a delayed closing
The product is currently well-received in the market and is applied by more and more people. This product is able to maintain a hold-open statue
The product is widely used in the market for its fine characteristics and remarkable advantages. It has two independent valves to separately control sweep and latch closing speeds
This product has great economic benefits and is very popular among customers. It is suitable for use on all hollow metal, aluminum, and wood doors typically used in commercial construction
More and more people are attracted by the huge economic benefits of this product, which has huge market potential. This product is available in many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers
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