Can EHM provide hydrogen rich water generator installation video?
EHM Group Limited provides professional installation movie to support your installation of hydrogen rich water . Depending on the requirements of the customer, we can perform onsite installment whenever necessary. Yet it's territorially restricted. We provide the most experienced support.

With industry elites and advanced technology, EHM wins more and more customers for its hydrogen water maker. The hydrogen water maker is one of the main products of . EHM hydrogen water ionizer is strictly inspected. It is carried out by our QC team who checks its biocompatibility, sanitation, wear resistance, and chemical resistance. Its interior materials are made of food-grade ABS, which is safe for drinking. Moisture resistance is one of the most significant features of this product which guarantees high quality and maximum durability. It resists the damaging action of water to some extent. The product features high-tech electrolysis technology that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.

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